PR, Crisis & Reputation Management: An Interview with Frank Buscemi

Public Relations, Crisis & Reputation Management: How to be Prepared for the Next Crisis

2020 has been a year of challenges, change and for many brands and companies, a year of crisis management and survival. As the past six months have unfolded, we have all been faced with limitations and scenarios that we never could have dreamed. The actions – and reactions – of companies during these challenging times have shaped and changed public perception of many brands, moving public relations to the forefront of leaders’ minds.

Reputation is everything, and in these days of instant commentary, maintaining a good one requires a constant effort, combined with a deft touch. Reputation management should always be a top priority for your company. To maintain and manage your brand’s reputation, you need to have a crisis management plan in place be prepared for a crisis at any time because how you respond during a time of panic is what people will remember about your brand.

How has your company reacted during the events of this year? Did you have a reputation management or crisis management plan in place to fall back on or were you simply going through the motions to survive? MBE Group specializes in crisis management by focusing on public relations services that support reputation management to prepare you for the next inevitable situation.

In an interview with Todd William of Reputation Rhino, our CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Frank Buscemi, shares a few tips on how to prepare for the next crisis and manage your reputation.