SERVICE-EDU Advanced Repair Education

Event Planning & Management

MBE Group helped launch SERVICE-EDU, an advanced education program designed for professional automotive technicians. Its mission is to equip technicians with advanced training in automotive repair from a group of leading component manufacturers in the industry.

About Project

SERVICE-EDU’s unique logo with its brand message, “Knowledge is Power,” is designed to motivate technicians to expand their knowledge. The hand clenching the wrench, a symbol of strength and power, represents the brand’s promise.

The tone and imagery of the logo strike the right balance of automotive and professional education to effectively reach its target audience. We specifically stayed away from collegiate-looking designs, as the target audience is not students, but educated professionals.

When used on other marketing materials, the logo always remains the largest icon on the page or surface, even when paired with the logos of participating manufacturers. The SERVICE-EDU logo is most often found at the top of the page and is always placed in a manner that conveys brand consistency across all marketing pieces and digital platforms.

2016 Winner: Best logo design & usage, Automotive Communications Awards presented by Women in Auto Care (formerly Car Care Council Women’s Board)