Philips LED Headlight Product Launch

Canadian Product Lauch

MBE Group supported this Canadian product launch by developing a branding campaign and digital media program, along with targeted public relations outreach, all designed to reach consumers. This bi-lingual, integrated B2C campaign was designed to create brand and product awareness surrounding the launch of the new Philips X-tremeUltinon LED headlights.

  • ClientPHILIPS
  • ServicesCreative & Digital Design and Advertising & Marketing
About Project

Our goal was to introduce these new LED headlights as an upgrade from traditional halogen, and as an incredible option for car customization. Research show us that car customizers are motivated by style, performance and safety. When it comes to style, customizers ultimately want people to take notice of all the hard work they’ve put into customizing their vehicle. When it comes to safety, they want a powerful light with strong performance. The campaign “Brighter. Whiter. Stronger.” successfully conveys both style and safety to the audience, assuring them that with Philips LED headlights, they’ll have the newest, strongest, most stylish lighting product available.

While Philips provided original creative to support the cars used throughout the campaign, MBE Group shot original photography and video of the pickup truck, on-location in Oakland Township, Michigan. The graphics ended up being the most important element of this campaign, as all high impact tactics were deployed in order to drive ad engagement.

In the digital campaign, we utilized a multi-channel approach (Display, Video, Social and Search), and high-impact creative units, in order to meet our objectives of driving ad engagement and in-store visits. For the portion of our campaign focused on driving sales on Amazon, we utilized Display, Search and Retargeting.

The digital media program performed better than expected, creating more than a quarter million interactions, 1,350 in-store visits and a 0.86% CTR (well above 0.07% industry standard). This campaign was also the winner of one 2019 Automotive Communications Awards.