Brand Awareness & Sales Promotion


Delphi Product and Service Solutions was struggling to sell aftermarket products to jobbers and independent service dealers. Existing brand awareness studies provided evidence that Delphi P&SS was not well-known or was misperceived to be part of the AC Delco family.

Delphi’s current agency, a large, consumer focused group, had been assigned the Aftermarket account, but had little Aftermarket experience, knowledge or networks. MBE Group was then hired to assist with Delphi’s Aftermarket challenges.

  • Developed The Parts Cars Are Born With campaign, logo and branding elements.
  • Designed the “Reach The Technician / Brickyard 400” strategy to build awareness by shifting from corporate-driven to technician-driven messaging to best target the right audience.
  • Reallocated the budget from largely advertising to include more intimate marketing programs.
  • Leveraged existing NASCAR sponsorship with this promotion.
  • Launched the promotion with box and flat mailers, following through with additional touch points by mail, email, online marketing and registration and telesales, as well as POS and loyalty programs.
  • Trained the Delphi P&SS sales team and sales reps for follow through.

In the next 24 months, double digit sales growth was realized.

The sales team also reported that they found it much easier to open doors to new distributors and distribution group customers – that the Delphi P&SS value proposition and unique product offering was finally being embraced.


Customers and lead database developed, and continued to reach them via enewsletters and by forming technician advisory boards.


In-Store Visits to Retailer Stores

David Barbeau

“The Reach the Technician campaign developed by Marx Group effectively communicated the Delphi value proposition to our targeted audience—professional technicians. “The Parts Cars Are Born With”, was included on advertising materials which helped to establish our brand in the Independent Aftermarket.”

Delphi Vice President, Global Automotive Aftermarket Business Unit