Cloyes Branding & Website

Branding, Web Design

Cloyes was seeking to modernize its brand and website in order to stay current with customers and continue to build brand awareness, while still honoring the company’s long heritage.

About Project

The Cloyes team launched a plan with MBE Group to refresh the company’s logo, key messaging, graphics, collateral and website so that the brand story would continue to resonate with technicians, warehouse distributors and retailers who have come to trust the high-quality Cloyes products. The Cloyes logo was refreshed so that it would serve as a clean and modern representation of the brand. The Cloyes brand materials were updated and a new ad campaign was launched to introduce the updated brand to customers.

The Cloyes website needed to be redesigned in order to provide a modernized user experience, enhanced electronic catalog capabilities, as well as to showcase the newly refreshed branding. The custom designed site was developed with a modern, bold aesthetic and mobile-friendly design providing an intuitive user experience from any device. The redesign of the website graphics incorporated the Cloyes logo, branding and brand story.