Finding the positive: the importance of encouragement in the workplace

Finding the positive: the importance of encouragement in the workplace

We all know the power of positive words. The times that we are at our lowest, we actively seek out those that we know will fill us with encouragement and motivation.
For kids, it’s their mom. Okay, let’s be honest, for adults, it’s still their mom. But the positive effects of working in an environment where praise and camaraderie are the norm can be equally as powerful — not just to individuals, but to the overall success of the team.

So why is encouragement so effective in the workplace? Here are just a few reasons:

Reinforces the right things
Sometimes the workplace can be filled with corrections, red marks and a list of don’ts, but when someone does something well, are we following it up with kudos? By praising people for excellent work or effort, we are pointing them in the right direction and giving them tangible tools to succeed.

Makes people feel valued
A verbal pat on the back for a job well done or an excellent idea can make coworkers feel liked and respected. Don’t be stingy with your compliments — words have the ability to remind others of just how valuable their work is to the team, and the boost in morale around the office never hurts!

Builds loyalty
When people know you care, they naturally trust you more. Encouragement is one of the most effective leadership techniques because people are much more willing to work alongside someone that they respect and trust. It costs nothing to share a few uplifting words, so why not?

Helps the “fit-in” factor
New employees may have concerns about fitting in with workplace culture or be nervous about their ability to perform. Positive reinforcement early on can ease some of their concerns and help them relax and feel more confident about their work, allowing them to find their place in your office culture quicker.

Here at MBE Group, one of our core values is to find the positive in everything we do. That’s why we’re frequently throwing around kudos for a job well done and even have a gong to make public “good news” announcements. We truly believe that by seeking out the positive in everything and everyone, we will, in turn, create a healthy, positive work culture.