Bianca Shepse

Having no shortage of unique experiences and ideas to bring to the table, Bianca is highly motivated and eager to face any client’s needs. As an account executive, she approaches each project with enthusiasm, ready to fully immerse herself in the work and deliver results.

With over five years of marketing experience, Bianca has worked with a diverse range of small businesses, including restaurants, non-profit organizations, entertainment facilities and more. Her expertise shines through when developing and executing innovative marketing and communications strategies. In her previous role as a digital marketing manager and event coordinator, she successfully managed branding and promotion for each distinct business held in the company portfolio.

Bianca’s marketing journey began with her education at the University of Michigan-Flint, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications with a concentration in media studies and a minor in international relations. Previously, she also spent time working with a local news station, building the foundation for her writing and storytelling abilities.

Outside of the professional world, you’ll find Bianca hosting parties for friends and family, traveling or heading to a concert with her husband. She considers herself a “foodie”, with cooking being one of her favorite pastimes. She enjoys being creative and has a love for music, especially when it comes to playing her piano, a passion she has dedicated almost 25 years to.